Culprit offers a variety of supplies for board shapers including leash plugs, long board boxes, and an innovative FCS compatible thruster fin box system. Get what you need to shape your own board or do your own repair.

Shaping Supplies

Leash Cups


Our Culprit leash plugs are made high quality materials that make them strong and durable.


Strong durable material
Ridged design to increase surface area
High strength aluminum bar
Easy installation


Shaping Supplies

Longboard Fin Box


The Culprit Surf longboard fin box is made of strong reinforced materials and is easy to install.


Strong reinforced nylon material
Easy installation
Crack resistant
Ridged sides for added surface area for better adhesion





Shaping Supplies

WFS Surfboard Fin Plugs

$14.00 $12.00

The Culprit WFS fin boxes are a made of durable, high-strength PC which are easy to install since they use current FCS installation processes.


• Set of 3 fin easy to install fin boxes
• Large footprint for box stability prevents roll over
• 5 degree cant in side plugs
• Installation uses standard FCS placement/marking jig
• Installation uses standard cutter used to install the FCS system
• Strategically placed grooves for strong resin bonding
• Strong construction made from composite nylon



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