Water Proof Smart Phone Case

Single Center Fins

Culprit Water Proof Smart Phone Case

Culprit water proof smart phone cases are a new and innovated way to keep you camera safe from water damage. Our internationally patented waterproof seal allows you to get all those memorable pictures in the surf, snow or any other harsh environment. Check out the features of this new innovative product on the Culprit technology page.

Water Proof Smart Phone Case

Fits all smart phones smaller than 4.75″ (L) x 3″ (W) x 0.75″ (H) – (4 3/4″ x 3″x 3/4″) or
120mm (L)*76mm (W)*19mm (H)

Yellow, Black

• One size fits most smart phones.
• Dual locking system provides secure water proof seal
• Flexible shell allows for easy manipulation of smart phone control buttons
• It floats!
WATERPROOF to 15 feet!
• Testing system allows you to test seal without phone inside
• Internationally patented design

Competitive Advantages:
Good strong construction and innovative design:
The Culprit “Smart Phone Safe” waterproof smart phone case relies on new and innovative design to make any smart phone waterproof and easy to use. Now you can be on your smart phone in or near water surfing the web, talking on the phone, or capturing those memorable moments of your water adventures both above and below the water’s surface.

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