Pro Performance Surfboard Fins

Pro Performance Surfboard Fins | Tri Sets

Pro Performance surfboard fin

Culprit has what you are looking for with our specialty pro performance carbon/honeycomb hybrid fins. These specialty fins have a cutting edge foil design resulting in excellent balance of base, length, height and sweep that produce maximum drive, grip and maneuverability. Our carbon hybrid fin design focuses on optimum energy transfer to increase power, drive and speed. Check out the competitive advantages that Culprit pro performance fins have to offer over other performance specialty fins.

Culprit Pro Performance surfboard fin’s available in carbon cut finish

C5: Height 4.56″ Base 4.25″ (112mm*108mm) Sweep 33o
C6: Height 4.56″ Base 4.25″ (112mm*108mm) Sweep 33o

Ideal surfer weight range:
C5: 143 lbs-175 lbs (65-95Kg)
C6: 143 lbs-175 lbs (65-95Kg)

Blue/Black, Orange/Black, Bamboo

Set of three (3) fins
FCS Compatible
Foil Design: Medium Base = good drive, Height = good grip, Low Sweep = good maneuverability

Competitive Advantages
Carbon placement (relevant to carbon fins only)
The careful placement of carbon on the carbon version assists with flex pattern and enables optimum energy transfer to be directed to the fin tip, which increases power, drive and ultimately speed.

Light Weight Foam Core (relevant to carbon fins only)
Culprit Surf utilizes a precision vacuum bag process to infuse our light weight foam core to optimize the weight and hence performance of the fins.

Laminated fiberglass for a super stiff construction
The use of too much glass in the fin results in too much weight. The use of too little glass reduces the stiffness and strength and negatively affects the flex pattern and thus performance of your fins. Culprit ensures high quality materials and precision fiberglass placement using a laminated fiberglass construction process to yield the optimum strength and weight for our fins.