Pro-Performance Surf Board Leashes

Culprit Pro Performance Leashes

Pro-Performance Surf Board Leashes

The Culprit Pro Performance leash is our top of the line leash range. This leash is light weight and built of super durable materials and has an added reinforcement insert in the railsaver. If you want the most out of your surfing this is a must have and unbeatable in all surf conditions! Check out the competitive advantages of the Culprit Pro Performance leash.

Culprit Pro-Performance Surf Board Leashes

6 feet (1.8m) Also available in comp
7 feet (2.1m)
8 feet (2.4 m)
9 feet (2.7m) Also available in knee version
10 feet (3.0m) Also available in knee version

Color: Black duo-color cord, Blue duo-colour cord, Red duo-colour cord, Pink duo-colour cord,

Cord specifications
6ft comp=6mm cord, 6ft-7ft=7mm cord, 8ft+=8mm cord

Cuff Option
Neoprene or lightweight (EVA) non slip version

Max recomended wave size
6ft comp =8ft , 6ft-7ft =9ft, 8ft-10ft =11ft

Lightweight, non-slip thermoformed cuff (Optional)
Lightweight high strength PU Cord
Reinforced plastic insert in railsaver
Extra Velcro length Added for use with Wetsuits
Dual Anti-Tangle Swivel System, Triple wrap railsaver

Competitive Advantages

No–Slip Thermoformed Cuff
An all too common problem when surfing is the continued tangling of the surfboard leash around your leg. This stems predominantly from your cuff moving or slipping around your ankle and is common with all neoprene leashes which make up 90% of the leashes on the market.

Culprit solves this by the addition of accurately molded ridges on the inside of the cuff which grip to your ankle and prevent those annoying unwanted leash tangles.

Reinforced plastic insert in railsaver
Often times the string in a leash railsaver is the first part to wear down and break due to use, Culprit adds an extra strong reinforced plastic insert in the railsaver which distributes pressure more equally and thus last longer.

Culprit uses the highest Quality Velcro available
Your safety is our concern so we use the highest quality Velcro the can be found on the market, A test of our Velcro cuff attachment will show you just how strong this connection can be when only the highest quality materials are used.

Extra Velcro length Added for use with wetsuits
With using a wetsuit to combat the cold conditions leads to a loss of Velcro length and therefore reduces the surface area of Velcro bonding and leads to a lot of unwanted detachment ‘s and hence surfboard chasing. Culprit combats this with an increase in Velcro length to ensure a more than adequate area for maximum bond strength.

Rigid cuff attachment
Our leashes have a large surface area on the cuff connector which ensures that the PU cord stays rigid and away from your leg. This is a very useful feature during takeoff where the cord can be loose and floppy and can easily wrap around your leg.