The Art and Science of Surfing

How to Surf – From Reading the Swell to Duck Diving Waves Aside from surf etiquette, there are things about surfing that you just don’t “get” until you’ve had the experience. It may be impossible to teach experience, but simply knowing what to look for may accelerate the learning process. Keep in mind that everyone […]


Finding Great Surfboard Fins

A surfboard fin is a useful tool because it provides stability and control. When considering a new purchase, the user should reflect on the board’s normal use, stability, and design. As there are more than one type of fin, performance expectations will vary. The surfboard and fin are items that will be used for a […]


How to Get Your Bodyboard Wave Ready

Tips on Maximizing Your Bodyboard’s Potential Bodyboarding is one of the best ways to experience waves, particularly for beginners. Unlike a surfboard, bodyboards are shorter and easily maneuvered in the water. Typically, using a bodyboard prepares future surfers to catch and navigate waves and gain confidence. However, before attempting to bodyboard, review the essentials. Before […]


420 Rasta Board Sock Give Away

This month in honor of 420 (4/20/2015), we have decided to give away a Rasta Board Sock. This board sock features the classic Rasta colors of Red, Yellow, Green and Black stripes. In addition to looking super cool the Culprit “Protector” surf board sock is the best value board sock on the market. Our use […]