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Black Link Strap - surf culprit!

Culprit’s unique and innovative buckle-less Link Straps solve an old age problem with tie down systems by preventing scratches and unwanted pressure dings. Our rubber straps loop through themselves to secure your board to the roof. In order to secure multiple boards, simply link two or more straps together to create more length. The Link Straps are an Australian national invention award winner and offered to surfers through Culprit. Check out the competitive advantages below that the Culprit Link Straps have to offer!

Culprit Link Straps

Sizes: 3.66ft (1.10m) per strap
Colors: Green or Black

Two straps/pack
UV stabalized oil added & salt resistant material
High quality workmanship and materials for a long lasting product
No buckles, no dings, no scratches

Competitive Advantages

Buckle free self securing straps
The Culprit Link Straps are a new and innovative design for tying your surfboards on your roof. This simplistic design enables you to link the strap back through itself, and under tension it will safely hold your board to the roof. One key advantage is that these flexible durable straps have no buckles, so you avoid unwanted pressure dings and scratches that are associated with securing your board to your roof with regular tie down devices.

Link them together to secure multiple objects
The Culprit Link Straps can be linked together to increase the length of your tie down which enables you to secure multiple boards to your roof. They are also useful for providing a simple buffer between boards when securing multiple boards to avoid any unwanted damage.

Multiple uses for the Link Straps
Our Culprit Link straps are great for securing surf boards but also have many other uses. Whether boating, camping or hauling materials on your vehicle, Culprit Link Strap can provide a great alternative to conventional tie down systems.