Classic Longboard Fins

Classic Longboard Fins

Classic Longboard Fins

Culprit classic long board fins are a well-balanced fin design suitable for beginners through intermediate level riders. Our classic nylon plastic longboard fins are available in two sizes 8″ and 9″ . These fins have a snug fit in the box to avoid any rattle or movement while you surf. Check out the competitive advantages of our Culprit longboard fins.

Culprit Classic Longboard Fins

Available in 8″ and 9″

Ideal surfer weight range:
132 lbs (60Kg) on up, suited to your preference and riding style


Mounting screw and plate included
Snug fit in long board box
Well balanced profile
Made from strong glass reinforced nylon material

Competitive Advantages
Good strong construction & design
The Culprit classic longboard fins offer long lasting balanced construction because we use high quality materials,
such as glass filled Dupont nylon resin, and we fine tune the design elements resulting in a fin that is entry level
in price but performs much better.

Classic Longboard Fins Specs