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Culprit Bodyboard Leash

Black Bodyboard Leash

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The Culprit High Performance body board leash has a combination of essential and innovative features that result in a bodyboard leash which is ideal under all conditions! Check out the competitive advantages that the Culprit high performance leash has over other body board leashes.

Culprit Pro-Performance Bodyboard Leashes

Leash Sizes:
4 feet (1.2m) Available with Wrist or Bicep cuff
5 feet (1.5m) Available with Wrist or Bicep cuff

Color: Black duo-color cord, Blue Duo Cord, Red Duo Cord

Leash Cord specifications:
4ft+5ft=7mm cord
Max recommended wave size
4ft+5ft=9ft wave size


Coil leash
Dual Anti-Tangle Swivel System
Sturdy Neoprene cuff
Safe Grip Arrow hook Velcro System
Extra Velcro length Added for Use with Wetsuits
Rigid cuff attachment for tangle prevention
Bicep leash has tension cuff

Competitive Advantages:

Culprit uses the highest quality Velcro available
Your safety is our concern so we use the highest quality Velcro that can be found on the market. A test of our Velcro cuff attachment will show you just how strong this connection can be when only the highest quality materials are used.

Culprit Bodyboard Leash Cuff

Extra Velcro length added for use with wetsuits
With using a wetsuit to combat the cold conditions leads to a loss of Velcro length and therefore reduces the amount of Velcro surface area available for bonding and leads to a lot of unwanted detachment ‘s and hence body board chasing. Culprit combats this with an increase in Velcro length to ensure a more than adequate area for maximum bond strength.