Culprit is a surfing hardware company that was founded in New Zealand in 2005 and has the ambition to produce the most innovative, functional surfing accessories at the most affordable prices. Culprit offers high quality at a competitive price, making our products the best value out for your surf business and your customers.


The team at Culprit is made up of surfers with a background in engineering and product design. They combine this knowledge with their passion for surfing to create products that truly give the surfer the ability to increase their skill level and get maximum satisfaction out of their surfing.

Culprit continues to lift the bar in the surfing hardware industry in 2013 with all new accessories which range from the Link Strap, our award-winning hookless board securing device, to our all new high-tech Hexcore honeycomb surfboard fins. Take a look at our new catalog for the full range of Culprit products.





The Culprit team believes in innovation, quality and performance. That is apparent in our products as we continually strive to lift the bar in the surfing industry. Our catalog speaks for it’s self with a comprehensive selection of innovative products. Whether you are a first time surfer looking to eliminate unwanted leash and ankle tangle or a seasoned pro looking to get a more positive response from your fins and board during turns, Culprit is for you.